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Camp Fire at Night
Creative Kids Summer Camp 2024 

(Ages 5-12)

School Age Summer Camp 2024 Schedule

Welcome to summer camp! Each week has been carefully planned for by our fabulous teachers to include engaging S.T.E.A.M. activities, field trips, cooperative group games, crafts, and so much more! For information about themes for each week, please see our schedule below. We look forward to seeing you all this summer! 

Week 1: 07/08/24 - 07/12/24 
Theme: Pirates

MONDAY: Pirate theater and Dress up! Come dressed like a pirate and create props to accompany your attire! Learn how to speak like a pirate and put on a show. 

TUESDAY: Put on your hiking shoes and join us for a hike down to Carkeek beach! We will pretend to be pirates searching for treasures using sand sifters and real metal detectors!  


WEDNESDAY: S.T.E.A.M. slime making activity! 

THURSDAY:  Field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo, follow your map matey! 

FRIDAY: We will be onsite participating in many fun filled pirate themed games and activities

Week 2: 07/15/24 - 07/19/24 
Theme: Mythology

MONDAY: Learn about Demeter by creating a beautiful terrarium. Children will have the opportunity to study plants, and plan a mythical  and mystical landscape. 

TUESDAY: Put on your hiking shoes and join us for another wonderful hike, where we hope to find some water falls. Be sure to pack your wet shoes, swimsuits, and extra clothes this day. 


WEDNESDAY: Mythological sports and cooperative games galore! 

THURSDAY:  Field trip to The Creative Hands Art School to craft and paint our own ceramics. 

FRIDAY: We will be onsite participating in S.T.E.A.M. activities and have the opportunity for a cooking class

Week 3: 07/22/24 - 07/26/24 
Theme: Mythological Creatures

MONDAY: We'll hike on down to Carkeek park for a picnic and share stories of mythical creatures. Then come on back for a video visit with Tracy Baptiste, author of "Looking for a Jumbie". 

TUESDAY: Field trip to the Pacific Science Center to investigate creatures lost through time: Dinosaurs! We will also have the chance to stay and enjoy a laser light show. 

WEDNESDAY: Get ready for animal encounters! We will have an exciting visit onsite from creatures just wild enough to feel mythological!  

THURSDAY:  Children will have the opportunity to design and create their own mythical creatures after lots of research and planning. 

FRIDAY: We will be onsite participating in many fantastical group games and crafts! 

Week 4: 07/29/24 - 08/02/24 
Theme: Fairy Tales

MONDAY: Let's take a fairytale walk down to Piper's Creek and Orchard where we will play group games and release ladybugs. We will also take the time to soak in the scenery to get inspiration for fairy houses. 

TUESDAY: Field trip to Kelsey Creek Farms.

WEDNESDAY: Field trip to the Seattle Aquarium for under the sea exploration! 

THURSDAY:  Children will have the opportunity to engage in some fairytale baking

FRIDAY: We will continue the theme of fairytales through food. We will cook up lots of tasty treats together! 

Week 5: 08/05/24 - 08/09/24 
Theme: Imaginary Friends

MONDAY: This week, we will be spending a lot of time in books. We will have virtual visits from two amazing authors and participate in a story workshop! 

TUESDAY: We will use the skills we learned previously to practice creative writing and learn about the composition of a book. We will even have the opportunity to bind our own stories! 

WEDNESDAY: Pack your wet clothes and shoes, we are headed to North Acres Spray Park! 

THURSDAY:  Field trip to the Nordic Museum and meet "Frankie Feetsplinters" the resident Troll! 

FRIDAY: We will be onsite participating in many games, activities, and design an imaginary creature

Week 6: 08/12/24 - 08/16/24 
Theme: Super Powers

MONDAY: We will test our athletic abilities this week by playing group games where we will  use speed, stealth, and so much more. Get ready for an epic dodgeball battle too! 

TUESDAY: Water Play day! Many fun water games planned for outside. 

WEDNESDAY: Field Trip to Golden Gardens and beach filled fun!  

THURSDAY:  Children will have the opportunity to design and create their own super hero and masks

FRIDAY: We will be onsite participating in many games, activities, and dress up as our favorite super hero!

Week 7: 08/19/24 - 08/23/24 
Theme: Mad Scientist / Crazy Inventions

MONDAY: Crazy Hair Day! Channel your inner mad scientist and prepare for an amazing final week of camp. 

TUESDAY: Field Trip to the slime factory

WEDNESDAY: Polymer Clay Creations and stop motion movies!   

THURSDAY:  Science Experiment Overload! We have a list of exciting and engaging science experiments that will keep us busy throughout the day. We will record all of our findings in science journals to take home

FRIDAY: End of Summer Party! 

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